Days Gone By
wagtail 003

Wagtail’s first 7”, Days Gone By is a magical little gem. Over the past few years, Reuben Son has been making his mark, merging thoughtful combinations of sounds and styles ultimately forming his own from his disparate influences.  On "Days Gone By" Reuben artfully crafts two solo guitar portraits, which seem to hypnotize the listener in less then a second, provoking a sense of deeply rooted melancholy and immediate response. I hesitate to say too much about this one. It is contemplative and mood inducing and you will find yourself wanting to keep this on repeat.

Hand silk-screened design with metallic gold, embossed cover text, numbered neon closure and metallic obi liner. Designed and printed by Ashley Paul. Edition of 230. 45rpm.


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Wagtail is starting a new series

Limited edition bags and T-Shirts
designed in a series by contributing artists.

Screen printed by Ashley Paul

First up is Eli Keszler
look forward to future art by Malcy Duff and Gayle Paul

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Paul & Maurey


Paul & Maurey
(Ashley Paul and Sakiko Mori)
wagtail 002

Wagtail's second release, Paul & Maurey's "Satellite",
is a unique mix of songs that teeter on the edge between fact and
and fiction. Ashley's floating vocals, slow turning guitar, screeching
clarinets and string clatter are held together by Sakiko's drumistic attack, simplified rhythm and half motion texture. All while Mori manages to double on keyboards in realtime, giving a sense of tonal weight and precisely timed melodic gesture to the music. Satellite is a unique and oddly addictive sound, adding to the slowly but carefully growing
catalogue of wagtail releases.

Clear cassette with metallic gold print. Hand painted cover, metallic gold stamped insert and gold embossed seal. Hand numbered limited edition 100. Packaging art and design by Ashley, drawings by Gayle Paul.



wagtail 001


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ashley paul
if only goodnight
wagtail 001

if only goodnight is the debut release from wagtail. Side A features screeching bowed banjo and green boxed, guitar, bells and low-end bowed cymbals creating a somber, floating texture which builds overlapping clarinet long-tones and wilting melodies. Side B is broken into two parts. First, vocals float over disjointed guitar, bowed green box, harmonium, percussion, horns and whistles which eventually find a pulse in this solipsistic dream-tune. The voice takes over during the final piece, drawing to a close with melancholy bowed crotales, green box and low clarinet sustains.

Hot pink cassette with black offset print drawings. Embossed cover image and yellow seal. Limited edition 100 cassettes. All artwork by Ashley Paul.